The Athlete’s Yoga

The Athlete's Yoga - WoburnThe Athlete’s Yoga is devoted to helping athletes prevent injury, enhance performance and overcome challenges. Designed to complement any sport, this well balanced powerful program is ideal conditioning for the disciplined athlete.

Customized classes help improve strength, flexibility, agility, and core power. Equally important are yoga’s mental benefits due to the psychological nature of most sports. Through breathing techniques and meditation, students are taught to release tension, sharpen focus and improve discipline. Athletes experience stress relief and clear thinking, enabling them to perform instinctively.

This athletic, challenging style of yoga is designed to enhance any conditioning program and is most suited for the athlete in pursuit of the competitive edge they need to succeed.

At the Athlete’s Yoga, we believe that there is an athlete within each of us. Some come to heal the mind, some come to heal the body. It doesn’t matter why you arrive, only that you begin…see you on your mat!

About NamasteKim

Namaste-Kim-YogaInspired by a friend, Kim began practicing yoga over 20 years ago.

A mother of 5, she became a dedicated practitioner as a means of dealing with the stresses of raising a large family.

“From my first experience on the mat, I was hooked and knew then, that I needed to share this “gift” with others.”

Teaching yoga was a natural progression for Kim as a former schoolteacher and fitness professional with a background in dance and gymnastics. She melded her passions, experience and love of sports to create a new career for herself.

In 2007, she founded The Athlete’s Yoga. She set out to bring yoga to high schools and colleges, then stumbled upon her first athlete. “What struck me most was how someone so fit could be so inflexible.”

At that time, few athletes considered yoga as a means of conditioning. Despite being met with resistance, doubt and opposition from coaches and ADs, Kim persevered and reached out to athletes directly. They became convinced, and The Athlete’s Yoga took on a life of its own.

Kim has worked with hundreds of athletes from all over the world from every sport imaginable. She has trained individual athletes from amateur to professional, and teams from high school through Division I. She developed and continues to teach comprehensive yoga programs for local high schools, colleges, Junior hockey programs, athletic facilities and camps. Additionally, she wrote and is in her 7th year teaching the Winterim program YogaBeyond the Mat, a yoga/wellness course for the student/athletes of Lawrence Academy.

She now has a space of her own, a small space where athletes can train, heal and recover.

“Preventing injury and enhancing performance are my focus but I never lose sight of the fact that they are human beings first. Throughout this journey, my students have taught ME so much. I have deep care and concern for their overall health, the future of their bodies, and for them as people. By addressing the “whole” athlete, I encourage them to reach their full potential…that is my Dharma!”